What does White Marble actually do?

White Marble Consulting is a marketing consultancy that caters to asset management firms. We offer end-to-end marketing services, meaning that we are able to support projects through each stage of development, implementation and measurement, while also providing a range of services and competencies. Our work can be broken down into five key capabilities:

  • Research & insight
  • Corporate positioning
  • Proposition development
  • Go-to-market planning
  • Activation & optimization

In order to provide these services for our clients, we’ve built a wide-ranging team with expertise that spans various areas.

For example, if a client’s project requires both creative and content expertise, they may otherwise have to work with two different consultancies with specific competencies in these areas. However, White Marble can do it all in-house, streamlining things for clients.

Our team’s expertise spans:

  • Brand
  • Culture
  • Technology
  • Sustainability
  • Content
  • Creative
  • Campaigns
  • Research
  • Digital

We also offer a few specific products and events to help provide greater value for our clients. These can vary from year to year, but the core elements are:

  • The CMO Value Exchange, a yearly event held in London and NYC for CMOs (Chief Marketing Officers)
  • Culture surveys, which are designed to assess organisational health
  • Beacon, our digital benchmarking tool
  • Our Responsible Investing (RI) Certificate, an educational course on sustainable investing