State of the European Union

Top 10 Asset Managers in Europe:

  1. BlackRock
  2. J.P. Morgan
  3. Fidelity
  4. Pictet Asset Management
  5. M&G
  6. Schroders
  7. Robeco
  8. DWS
  9. Invesco
  10. Amundi

Challenges and Trends:

The European asset management industry has experienced solid growth over the years. When COVID-19 hit, there was a decline, but by Q2 2020, it picked up again. The industry is concentrated within Europe, with five countries owning 76% of the assets, and the UK owning 38% in total. The industry’s size, experience, and pool of savings have contributed to its success.

However, the product market in Europe is saturated with too many funds. There are challenges in adapting to new regulations, such as MiFID II, which is changing the dynamics of financial advice and creating a more personalized, ad-hoc advisory sector. There are also challenges in acquiring customers and adapting to technological change