Module 2 – Product and Regulation


In order of appearance

All the resources and readings linked to throughout the module are collated here for easy references - they are listed in the order they appear in the module.

PRI – A practical guide to active ownership in listed equity

PRI – ESG Engagement for Fixed Income Investors – managing risks, enhancing returns

PRI – ESG monitoring, reporting and dialogue in private equity 

PRI – Primer on responsible investment in infrastructure

PRI – What is ESG integration?

PRI – A practical guide to active ownership in listed equity

PRI – How ESG engagement creates value for investors and companies

Gunnar Friede, and Timo Busch and Alexander Bassen – ESG and Financial Performance: Aggregated Evidence from More than 2000 Empirical Studies (October 22, 2015)

PRI – An introduction to responsible investment: real estate State of ESG Data and Metrics

The Investor Forum – Defining Stewardship & Engagement

PRI – Enablers and barriers to successful ESG engagement

MSCI – ESG rating explained: what are MSCI ESG Ratings?

Morningstar – Morningstar Sustainability Rating: Explained

Sustainalytics – ESG Risk Ratings – Methodology Abstract

MacFarlanes – EU Taxonomy Regulation Overview

MacFarlanes – EU Disclosure Regulation Overview

MacFarlanes – Brexit and the Disclosure Regulation

Simmons & Simmons – Top ten things asset managers need to know about the level 2 proposals under the SFDR

Norton Rose Fulbright –European Commission adopts legislative and regulatory package on sustainable finance

SEC – The Division of Examinations’ Review of ESG Investing

FINAR – ESG Investing – Clearing the Air on Social Impact Financial Products

Novethic – Overview of European Sustainable Finance Labels

Lora Froud & Tiffany Cox – Brexit and the Disclosure Regulation

Harriett Miller – The SEC takes a different approach to the EU in tackling ESG greenwashing

Bernice Napach – Biden Orders DOL to End or Revise Rules Limiting ESG Investments

European Commission –  EU Ecolabel – Environment – European Commission